Powering The Future

Manufacturing motors, cable assemblies and electromechanical systems for the world’s most demanding industries.

For over 20 years, we’ve specialized in manufacturing motors, cable assemblies, wire harnesses and electromechanical assemblies for the aerospace, defense and semiconductor markets.
Our capabilities include designing, manufacturing and testing motor components — including rotors, stators, windings and terminations.
As part of Trust Automation — an AS9100D certified supplier of precision motion control and power management systems — we can now support advanced design engineering and testing requests for more complex assemblies.
What We Do


Motor Manufacturing, Assembly and Testing

  • Lamination manufacturing, stacking and coating
  • Coil winding, insertion and forming
  • Integration of Hall sensors and other feedback devices
  • Stator and rotor manufacturing and testing
  • Rotor magnet attachment and balancing
  • Stators and housing potting
  • Completed motor testing

Cable Assembly and Harnesses

  • Wire processing
  • End-to-end cables
  • Multi-cable harnesses
  • Rework other manufacturers’ harnesses
  • Experience with high-temperature and flexible wiring
  • Sensor and device termination
  • MIL-STD connector termination
  • Soldering according to J-STD-001, MIL-STD-2000

Electromechanical Assemblies

  • Motor assembly
  • PCB assembly
  • Sensor and device integration
  • Mechatronics assembly
Aerospace, Defense and Semiconductor

Application Examples

  • Electric motor components manufacturing — including small, high-speed and high-current motor components and complex winding configurations.
  • Prototype, production and testing support for unique, lightweight motors.
  • Banded magnets for high-speed applications subject to shock and vibration.
  • Cable design and connector selection support — including the prototyping of unterminated, individual wire labels for final fit and function.
  • Small electromechanical assemblies — including sub-component manufacturing and assembly, small embedded RF integrated devices and field-replaceable units (FRU).
Application Example
Rapid Lead times
Production Volumes and Quality Control
In addition to motor and cable assembly design and support, we deliver turnkey prototypes in low volumes (1 to 25 units) to support proof-of-concept and low rate initial production (LRIP) efforts. Our turnaround is as low as one week — and we will handle the packaging and logistics. We can also deliver assemblies of 25 to 500 units in as little as three weeks.
Working through Trust Automation, we can now support larger-scale volumes and logistics with ISO9000 and AS9100 certified quality. Use the form below to request more information, or contact us at [email protected], +1-918-794-6022.